Automation adapter PCBA board PCB Assembly prototype

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Base Material:
Copper Thickness:
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:
Min. Line Width:
Min. Line Spacing:
Surface Finishing:
Lead Free HALS
Product name:
Automation adapter PCBA board PCB Assembly prototype
Automation adapter PCBA board
Export market:
E-Test, AOI, Functiontest
SMT and Wave soldering mixture
PCB layer:
Double side PCBA
PCB Size:
Components Quantity:
min pacakge:
Packaging Details
Carton box–Cross wall– EPE Protect– Anti Static Air Bubble Roll– Static Shielding Bag
Lead Time:

 Automation adapter PCBA board PCB Assembly prototype

Company Information

About CEG

2013, established the operation center in Dongguan city, move the overseas sales, purchase, R&D, financial department to Dongguan.

2010, established the Creat Electronic Group Co., Ltd. in HK. Increase the R&D service and sourcing services, started to expand overseas markets. Main business covers PCBA prototype to OEM PCB assembly at large quantity requirements, PCB components sourcing, providing full PCB production solutions.

2004, established the SMT factory Jasay in Shenzhen. The main business is domestic PCB Assembly service. By now, it’s with the whole floor area reaches up to 2,000 m2 and over 300 staff.

Our Service

PCB Assembly service

CEG is highly skilled at PCB SMT Assembly and Thru-hole Assembly. We have processed single and double-sided PCB Assembly for equipment applied in automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, telecommunication and many other fields. 

Our FAI, AOI, AXI and many other Custom inspection options will help guarantee the quality of your circuit board assembly!

Components sourcing service

As an OEM PCB Assembly service provider serving worldwide customers for over 8 years, CEG has built a comprehensive components sourcing channels. Partner companies including DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Future Electronics, Farnell.etc.

We can help purchase any of components required for your custom PCB board assembly project quickly and cost-effectively. No counterfeit at all!

After-sales service


1. Offer the flexible solution for reject PCBA.

2. Repair and replace any defective PCBA free.

3. Collect & analyze QC data, make continuous  improvement

PCBA Service:

  •  PCB Assembly prototyping
  • Components Procurement
  • PCBA assembly. —-reflow and wave soldering.
  • Testing. —-AOI, Fixture test, Functional testing
  • Box-building

Difference with others

There’s no shortage of options for turn-key PCB and Assembly manufacturers — but we’re certain Creat is the all around best. There are embedded in:

  • Order automation adapter PCBA board on credit  

Say goodbye to “TT payment terms”, order on credit makes your PCBA order easier. For the manufactured customers who have their own brand products, finish three or more orders with total value more than 20,000usd, then you can get “order on credit”.  

  • Cost down 10% at least for PCB assembly prototype

Not a “bait and switch” pricingWcombine the largest component distributor in China to offer the customer a very good priceBuild inventories for in-house component stock to help lower your cost.

  • Delivery zero defect  automation adapter PCBA board

In over ten years of business, we’ve learned the power of loyal customers. First class technical engineers and strict production control system make sure our customer’s boards are building right first time.

  •   One week faster for delivery of PCB Assembly prototype

The main factors leading to delivery is the time of the components procurement. From order to delivery, domestic is 2-3 days, from Hong Kong 3-5 days, from Europe and North America is 7-9 days, from the original factory is 4-6 week. To shorten your PCBA delivery time, there are including:

  • Strategic partnership with the largest component distributor, obtain priority delivery
  • Build inventories according to your orders forecast, no any delay
Related Products

Custom PCB Assembly manufacturing for more than 14 years


Automation adapter PCBA board capabilities up to: 

We combine advanced processes with highly skilled resources. Keeping up with the leading advanced technology and management system in One-stop services of PCB assembly

      Ø SMT process (RoHS Compliant) Capabilities up to:

  • 0402 Chip Size
  • 12 mils Integrated Circuit (IC) Pitch
  • Micro Ball Grid Array (BGA) – Pitch 16 mils
  • Flip Chip (Controlled Collapse Chip Connection) – Pitch 5 mils
  • Quad Flat Package (QFP) – Pitch 12 mils

      Ø  THT(Wave soldering) process (RoHS Compliant) Capabilities up to:

  • Single side wave soldering
  • SMT & THT mixture process

Test & Analysis Capabilities up to: 

  • High Power Vision Systems 100x magnification
  • In Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Product Functional Testing


Adaptor PCBA board Shipping

We combine advanced processes with highly skilled resources, keeping up with the leading advanced technology and management system in One-stop services of PCB assembly for small and medium volume. 

  •  60% cost down for your shipping cost with UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT
  • Offer flexible solution according to customer’s requirement.

After-market services

  • Offer the flexible solution for reject PCBA.
  • Repair and replace any defective PCBA free.
  • Collect quality data, continuous improvement

Adapter PCB assembly prototype Flow Chart 


1. Q: Is Creat Electronic Co., Ltd (CEG)  a factory?
A: Creat Election Co., Ltd ( CEG) is a factory manufacturer with more than 14 years experience. Our company has our own R & D team, OEM & ODM are available.


2. Q: What does CEG need for a custom PCBA order?
A: Gerber or PCB file and the BOM list.


3. Q: Where does CEG source the components?
A: Components will be sourced from your designated suppliers or CEG’s partner companies from Europe, such as DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet…


4. Q: How does CEG ensure the quality of the products?
A: 100% Strict Quality Control, and test if needed.
5. Q: What is CEG quotation policy?
A: Based on the MOQ of the products concerned.

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6. Q: What’s CEG after-sales service?

    A: 1-3 years warranty.

7. Q: How to pay CEG for the orders?
A: Usually, the Payment terms Trade Assurance, T/T, Visa, West Union could be accepted. 50% deposit in advance, balance 50% paid before shipment.

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