Don’t worry, Rachel’s is here.
This store is for electronic hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, hackers and triple Es. We specialize in breaking out oddly usefully microchips and designing custom kits. Our primary mission is education. closely followed by our secondary mission, building cool things that nobody has ever seen before.

Rachel’s Electronics was started by Joel Murphy, an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, New York. The germ of the idea was born of a mutual frustration. There aren’t any brick and mortar electronics shops in New York that reflect the current popularity of tearing into the electronic world around us and wreaking glorious havoc. Joel ran into Rachel at an art opening. She was hearing about Arduino and wanted to include it in her art classes. We lamented that she and her students couldn’t just go downtown and get the cool stuff that you find online. A place where you expect to find knowledgeable staff to ask questions of. He agreed that the city was really lacking a comprehensive electronics supply store. That was when Rachel said “You should really open up a store!”.

So here we are. Based in Brooklyn. Online. Hey, Rome was not built in a day. Our goal is to establish the local that you’ve been waiting for. Well stocked with the most popular embedded systems development hardware. Custom kits and breakouts for every level of skill. We promise to share.