To many, the world of surface mounted parts can seem like a mysterious badlands where feats of impossibly tiny size are barely legible to the naked eye. Don’t sneeze – or inhale too deeply! We have developed and tested hand soldering techniques that will turn you into a magnanimus miniaturist. Suddenly a world of possibility will open up to swallow you whole, or you will swallow it! Careful, the parts are small. And you get a great temp sensor to boot.


  • TCN75A user programmable sensor (I2C)
  • Learn to identify and size SMT parts
  • Resolution 0.5°C to 0.0625°C
  • Accuracy +/- 1°C
  • 2.7V – 5V Supply
  • Impress your friends
  • Skill level = Intermediate
  • SOLDER PASTE NOT INCLUDED! Get Solder paste at Digikey part number SMD291AX-ND