10 Key Touch IC

Breakout of the QT1103. Using patented charge-transfer sensing method, this robust and stable capacitive sensing IC allows for up to 10 discrete touch key electrodes and communicates RS232 to any µC!

Quantum Research Group. Remember them? Low cost capacitive touch sensing trail blazers. Well, now Atmel owns the QProx line of ICs but has kept the part number prefix. This is an engineered breakout of the QT1103. It will drive up to 10 capacitive touch sensors (sense range ~.125″). Mode and options programming through simple pull up/down resistors. The chip has a CHANGE pin that will alert your µC of any sensor change (press/release). This breakout comes kitted with 2 5-psition jumper cables and 10″ of conductive tape (solderable!). Have fun!


  • Interface up to 10 discrete touch keys
  • Projects sense fields ~1/8″ through any dialectric (plastic, glass, etc.)
  • Broken out with full options selectable through pull up/down resistors
  • Change of state pin frees up µC processing
  • Pin state read through RS232 call/response
  • Uses charge transfer principle
  • Spread-spectrum burst rejects noise
  • 2.8V – 5V Supply