Mouse Eye

Ever wonder what your mouse is so transfixed by? All those long hours, staring unblinking at tiny patches of table-top. Now you can! Solder this kit together and have access to Avago’s precise optical navigation technology. Access fast delta X and Y movement data so your robot knows where it’s at. And get a mouse eye view of any surface with the Pixel Data command! This kit comes with a 4-position jumper cable for easy connectivity!


  • Uses Avago Tech’s new ADNS-2620
  • Complete 2D motion sensor
  • Simple 2 wire serial interface
  • Accurate motion up to 12’’ per second
  • 400 count per inch resolution
  • X / Y movement data packed in 8 bit 2’s compliment number
  • Read actual pixel data (18×18, 6 bit gray scale)
  • 5V Supply
  • Soldering Skill level = Beginner

Kit Parts

  • U1 ADNS-2620
  • Q1 2N3906
  • R1 100K
  • R2 33 OHM
  • R3 1K
  • C1 2.2uF
  • C2 .1uF
  • C3 2.2uF
  • D1 LED
  • X1 24MHz Ceramic Oscillator