7 Key Slider/Wheel

This is an engineered breakout of the amazing QT-1106. Here at Rachel’s we are inspired to make the kinds of products that we want to use. We even throw in a simple graphic to make the quickest lash-up look pro. These touch devices are based on field tested designs. Check the QT1106 breakout datasheet for notes on implementation of these modules. Arduino library download available. This Breakout comes kitted with a Slider and Wheel module, 1 3-position 12″ jumper cable, 2 4-position 12″ jumper cables, and 10″ of conductive tape (solderable!).


  • Interface with touch Slider or Wheel
  • Projects sense fields ~1/8″ through any dielectric (plastic, glass, etc.)
  • Programmable through SPI
  • Slider/Wheel Resolution 2 bit to 8 bit selectable
  • Change of state pin frees up µC processing
  • Uses charge transfer principle
  • Spread-spectrum burst rejects noise
  • 2.8V – 5V Supply